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Siege Owner: POLAND

GlobalMu Updates V6

GlobalMu Updates!

PVP updates, all classes damage/defenses have been changed to provide longer PVP that would last 3-8 seconds.
PVP are made for maximum stats and with best gear and wings!
PVP updates, some classes have received buff on some skills
Website MARKET now has 1% tax only, we recommend using it to not get scammed in-game!

Another fixes:
Fixed fourth wings level upgrade mix making unexpected extra options on item
Adjusted Attack Queue values that could affect skills
Fixed maximum maximum level display of 400 in C window
Fixed set / socket options for Rage Fighter class

Download patch to play the game! Run Play GlobalMu.exe to received automatic update, or download THIS PATCH and extract over your game client!

Posted 17 / 10 / 2018 By admin

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