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Mu Online Offtrade Guide

1. Go to Devias
2. Open personal store window
3. Put in your items you want to sell for Wcoins
4. Add price, and press OK
5. Enter store name
6. Press Open
7. Type /offtrade
8. Close client

Next time you will be login back, at first login will show your account is connected, and second login will be able to get in game!

Number 7 is most important, you must type /offtrade as soon as possible. If you did not typed it, your items will be sold by ZEN! Watch other players around you, some scammer might try to buy you items before you post /offrade!
Be carefull with your items, there is no refunds on any sold/traded/stolen items.

If you want to be sure that you will get Wcoins and not get scammed, use website market!

Posted 02 / 04 / 2018

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