NORESET      online (164)

Siege Owner: ONELOVE

X500      online (138)

Siege Owner: HellFire

X9999      online (326)

Siege Owner: PAIN

X50      online (286)

Siege Owner: TeamPHIL

RPG Online project GlobalMu

Server information


Mu Online Season 13 gaming project!

RPG Online gaming project Globalmu is based on The IGC Server Suite server files , fully featured Emulator of MuOnline Server.

Server location: Canada

Server files version: Season 13 Episode 2


Server contains of 2 different style gaming worlds:

x500 Server: Medium Exp server. After reset stats burns (your stats becomes 50 each) and you get 500 Free points, which is multiplied each reset!

x99999 Server: Max exp, 20PPL, 10ML PPL, Kundun spots, Boxes in shops, high exc/acient drop ingame!

Noreset: Comming soon.....

GlobalMu is property of Online International Corp. 3010 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33122, USA

Support mail:


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