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New GMs

Global Mu Online is looking for hard working and responsible English speaking Game Masters!
If you are at-least 18 years old send your application to [email protected]
Write about yourself, your experience in Mu Online, and how long are you playing at Globalmu.

p.s. Specially looking for Chinese + English speaking.
If you will be

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Mu Online updates

Mu Online maintenance to prepare for x1000 server launch is done!
* Small fix for x1000 (automatic update required) x1000 servers in list as NoReset server.
* Fixed Light lord armor and Storm Wing armor to be used for 2nd class.

x50 & x9999 Fixed master LVL not gaining exp after 703 LVL
And lot more optimization.

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New mu online server x1000

Hello Global Mu Online players and guests!
We are happy to announce new server with 1000 experience grand opening 3. June!
Server is bases on medium exp and dynamic resets!
New mu online server will be opened

June 3.
11:00 UTC-3 (Argentina, Brazil)
17:00 UTC+2 (East Europe)
21:00 UTC+7 (Vietnam)
22:00 UTC+8 (Philippines, Malaysia)

Global mu online server details:
Experience: x1000
Master exp: x500

From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 750 points (2.5kk zen*reset)
Max resets: 300
Dynamic reset experience:
Reset 1-10: 100%
Reset 11-30: 80%
Reset 31-50: 70%
Reset 51-70: 50%
Reset 71-100: 40%
Reset 101-150: 30%
Reset 151-200: 20%
Reset 201-300: 10%

Grand resets:
From 300 resets! Maximum GR unlimited, Grand Reset resets stats.
Grand reset reward: 5000 credits!

Spots in all maps (4-5 mobs) arena VIP map!
Item shop: Max 3 exc options!
Cash shop enabled!

Updates on x50 & x9999 servers.

Fixed marry teleport
Fixed invalid Pentagram Damage/Defense in certain scenarios
Fixed Combo skill not working properly during Siege event
Fixed Earth Shake and Death Stab Mastery skills not working properly with friendly fire option of Siege event
Fixed Kundun monsters respawn issues
Fixed Guild War / Battle Soccer invalid score message
Fixed Dark Spirit Double Damage not working

Added brown & pink panda rings to cash shop (x-shop) run, launcher to get auto update!

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Mu online hosting change

Hello global mu online players, server had technical difficulties, windows
crashed and we had to more to new hosting, now server is hosted in France.

To play mu online you must download new patch:

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Mu Online updates 18. March

Global Mu Online


 18. March

Updated, mu online sockets +exc drops from mobs now
Fixed Muun options, updated cash show life & price
Improved anti-hack system
Fixed mu online rank of Errtels mounted in specified Pentagram slot
Fixed invalid Knight and Magic Gladiator damage appeared in specified scenario
Returned selupan + medusa (spawn every 3 hours)
Offtrade for WCoins enabled in: Devias & Elbeland

Website updates: Exchanged Wcoins back to credits
Website updates: Market is disabled, please remove you items, and use offtrade inagem to sell items

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